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Animals in Need

Hurricane Ike made landfall in Texas on September 13, 2008, devastating the coastal areas of Bolivar, Crystal Beach, Gilcrest, Galveston Island.  Much of Houston and the surrounding cities of Sugarland, Katy, The Woodlands, Baytown and other cities also suffered as a result of the hurricane.  Millions of people and animals were affected by this storm and we are still feeling the aftermath as residents in our local community begin recovery efforts.

Many local and state service organizations have been actively working on "human service" needs since the hurricane.  Since Society of PEACE is primarily an animal advocacy organization, we have dedicated this page to the recovery and rescue efforts for the hundreds of thousands of animal victims post-Hurricane Ike.  Here we will provide links to resources and animal rescue groups, as well as news stories related to animals and the hurricane. If you have information to submit for our page, please use our "contact us" page, or send an email to info@societyofpeace.org.  This page is for information purposes and we will update it as frequently as possible!


  • Houston SPCA:  Lost or Found Pet Hotline: 713-435-2990 or toll-free 877-661-0161 , 10am - 6pm daily
  • PETS 911:  Look up lost pets by zipcode.
*Disaster Emergency Foster Care Program for Companion Animals - "OPERATION SAVE A LIFE"   The Houston SPCA’s “Operation Save a Life” is asking every family who is able to foster a Galveston pet for ten days.  If after ten days, the displaced animal is not reclaimed by its original owner, the foster parent has the option to adopt the animal or return him/her to the shelter for placement.  

*Galveston Pet Owners Have Just Ten Days (as of September 18) to Pick Up and Identify Their Lost Pets!!!   As ordered by the City of Galveston

*The Texas Dept. Of Agriculture has set up a program to provide relief for horses and cows.  "OPERATION NO FENCES"  Donations can also be made through the "HAY HOTLINE" at  877-429-1998

Local Companion Animal, Wildlife and Farmed Animal Rescue Organizations, and Shelters in Need (monetary donations, animal food, medical & cleaning supplies, etc.)
**Please note that some shelters below are only sheltering animals for a limited number of days for owners to claim pets, before the animals will be placed for adoption.  Each shelter has it's own policiy, but in some cases, animals will reportedly be put down after a certain number of days.  There is an urgent need for fosters and adoptions!
  • Houston SPCA Disaster Response  -  Located near I-10 in Houston.  In need of fosters!!!  Assisting Galvestion and coastal area animal shelters. Also in need of donations & basic supplies.
  • Galveston Humane Society  - Located on Galveston Island.  Working with Houston SPCA due to Galveston evacuations.  In need of donations.
  • Houston Humane Society   - Located in Southeast Houston.  In need of donations and basic supplies.  Still accepting all stray animals.
  • Habitat for Horses  - Located in Hitchcock.  Assisting with rescue of horses & cows in hardest hit coastal areas.  The Habitat for Horses ranch was destroyed during storm, but they are still rescuing animals.  In need of donations, construction volunteers for rebuilding and volunteers to help feed animals.
  • Special Pals Shelter  - Located in West Houston/Katy.  Working with and housing the Bay Area/San Leon Animal Shelter.  In need of donations and basic supplies.
  • Citizens for Animal Protection  - Located in West Houston.  In need of food, donations and basic supplies.
  • Friends of BARC  - Located near Central Houston.  In need of fosters and donations.
  • Texas Wildlife & Rehabilitation Coalition   - Located in West Houston.  Taking in displaced wildlife, baby birds & squirrels.
  • Rescue Bank  - Located in Houston.  Supports animal rescue and foster organizations with food & supplies.  In need of donations. 
Individual Animal Rescuers & Rehabilitators in Need
  • Kathy Landry Animal Rescue  (Society of PEACE member and a rescuer in the field during hurricanes Katrina and now Ike) - Located in Kemah & the Bay Area.  Kathy is actively feeding abandoned & stray animals in the worst hit zones near Kemah and San Leon.  She is in need of pet food, medical supplies, an electrician and monetary donations.  Call Kathy directly at 281-535-1009.
  • Dr. Sarah Kessler, Veterinarian, Animal Kingdom Pet Hospital  - Located in League City.  This veterinarian is taking in lost animals and caring for wildlife.  She will accept donations, food for animals and even clothing for those that have lost everything.  Call Dr. Kessler at 281-554-7200.  
National & State organizations in Texas for rescue operations and/or sending action alerts
Animals in the NEWS:  Hurricane Ike
*Many companion animals (pets) were abandoned, left behind, injured or lost.  Wildlife and feral animals have been displaced, and thousands of farm animals are reported roaming the coastal areas alongside alligators.  These are the news stories about the animals affected by Hurricane Ike.


*Some below are currently involved in rescue operations!  Many shelters have "wish lists" posted on their websites.

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